Saturday, May 28, 2005

Best wishes Tara!

Let me join Meg and send along my very best wishes to TRI-DRS member and professional triathlete Tara Norton for a speedy recovery from her horrific cycling accident suffered on May 18. I'm very sorry that I won't be meeting Tara at Eagleman as I had hoped. I hope to someday see a NBC Sports sequence about her spectacular full recovery and triumph at Ironman Hawaii!

On a totally different subject - my new wetsuit - my friend Kathy said it was good I was getting my own so that I wouldn't have to swim in somebody else's pee in the rented wetsuit. Ewwww. You know, that never even occurred to me.

Since that's not due to arrive for another few days, I'm off this morning for a practice swim in my old cheapie cutoff-sleeves Body Glove surfing wetsuit with the good folks from Cambridge Multi-Sport. Will report in later!


LouBob said...

I always think of a non smoking area in a restaurant is kinda like a non peeing zone in a swimming pool but in a wet suit euwwww and yuck!

vj said...

I hadn't even considered the pee aspect. Damn.

Flatman said...