Monday, September 12, 2005

Morning long run

I got in my LSD run for the week this Monday morning, late, and I only got in 8 miles instead of the planned 10. That's okay. I've got a much longer run coming up next weekend. I felt pretty solid the whole run, and ran negative splits, which is a good feeling. I just didn't leave myself enough time and I had to get back to allow my husband to get to work.

I wore my Camelback Flashflo. I rarely use it. I use a water bottle carrier instead. It does hold a lot of water, which is good for activities like back-country hikes without a source for water refills, but today reminded me why I don't like it for regular running:
* If the belt is loose it bounces uncomfortably.
* If the belt is snug enough it compresses my stomach and makes me feel sick.
* I can't easily monitor how much I drink.
* It's very heavy. (A good reminder of how helpful losing only a couple pounds of body weight is).
* It has a rubbery taste.

I also started my sampling of trial energy gel products - today's sample was CarbBoom strawberry-kiwi flavor. Ugh. It tasted like some cheap knockoff brand strawberry jam that had gone bad. No thanks!

Today's assignment: picking out a new dishwasher. Ours has been making that acrid burning rubber bad motor smell for a couple of weeks, plus it's very loud when you run it. Well, it was loud when we ran it in the past. It's very, very, very quiet now. It's not going to run ever again. It died a solitary lonesome death sometime over the weekend. "It's always something...."


LouBob said...

My sister in law bought a bosch dishwasher and you can hardly hear it when it runs and it washes great too.

Comm's said...

I have a camelback M.U.L.E. that I use for lots of things including some runs. I like the fact that it carrys as much water as I would ever need but it is a pain to use volume wise as it comes in sips and not gulps like with a bottle.

TriFeist said...

And, sometimes those belts can make the tags in your running shorts chafe your back. Which hurts.

Good luck with the dishwasher! There's nothing like spending lots of money on something so...unglamorous.

Liz said...

Don't know what to think of this... Wonder if he uses a Camelback?

nancytoby said...

Wow, that's a bizarre story at the link, Liz! I passed it along to