Sunday, September 18, 2005

Safety Don'ts

These photos crack me up at the Navy Safety Center, but partly because I'm no longer employed by the federal government and I don't have to take their dumb@ss safety seminars any more and complete all the documentation every time one of my dipsh!t** employees does something incredibly stupid and gets hurt on the clock! Hah!

**Semantics note: The newer term @sshat may be more properly used in this context, but I'm an old f@rt.


*jeanne* said...


Because the head is up the a - - ?

I never heard that term! Or are you being tongue in cheek? Jamie always has to explain jokes to me.


What a nightmare for someone who makes his (OUR) living in COMEDY, eh?


nancytoby said...

Check the link that I provided! :-)

Chris said...

That's a photo of natural selection at work! :)

Flatman said...

Yes...weeding out the dummies.

Comm's said...

yes chris,

there is the Darwin Awards to aspire too.