Sunday, September 25, 2005

Those goals

Yippeeeeee! My spreadsheet tells me that I've reached all my goals for the month of September already, with 5 days or 16% of the month to go, except one:

1. Swim: 5280 yards (3 miles): 7416 yards (4.2 miles), month to date, more this week.
2. Cycle: 120 miles: 137 miles, month to date, more this week.
3. Run: 80 miles: 81 miles, month to date, more this week.
4. Other training: complete 1000 crunches: 1005 crunches, month to date, more this week.
5. Events: complete 1 cycling metric century (100 km/62.1 miles): Didn't finish. Made one ride of 52 miles, another ride of 47. The 62-mile ride isn't going to happen this month because there's just not enough time left for a long rides in daylight hours! Well, except possibly this Friday.... hmmm.

I'll give this month an overall grade of A-. While my goals weren't huge totals in any one discipline or tremendously ambitious, it's a big improvement in consistency for me. This marked improvement over the past couple of months is, just like I said last month, directly attributable to:
1. Being accountable to my online coach, Simon Hayes, aka Yurtie. Thank you, Yurtie!
2. Being accountable to post my workouts publicly on my blog. Thank you, readers!

I really hate posting it on my blog when I didn't accomplish what I set out to do for the week, so that has pushed me to get it done on many occasions when I would otherwise have preferred to just be lazy and stay home. I have had to flipflop workouts around a lot, but for the most part I've been getting in most of what I had planned each week by the end of the week.

The big boost that two months of consistency in my workouts has given me is not just improved fitness, but the teensy little thought in the back of my head that if I sign up for Ironman Florida in November, and I'm able to keep up something close to this consistency for most of the next year, I *might* actually be able to cross that line on my own two feet before midnight on that night in November of 2006. I might hear those incredible words of the announcer ringing in my ears.

You know the words. The ones that give any aspiring triathlete the goosebumps.

"___________, you are an Ironman!"


Holly said...

You get a solid "A" in my book! Way to go Nancy! Keep up the consistency and I have no doubts that you will hear "You are an Ironman!!"

Who knows, maybe the lottery gods will smile upon you and you will hear that in Kona in October 2006!

nancytoby said...

Now you're scaring me!!!!!!! But thanks!

How do you feel about your Army Ten coming up??? I wish I could be there, but I have a prior commitment at Chesapeakeman! Just volunteering, probably, but it should be a fun day!

I'll be thinking about you and sending HIGH ENERGY vibes your way!!!

IMmike said...

Nancy, It looks like you're doing awesome.

From a general point of view, I think one key thing that I'm finding is to make excercise part of the routine. Even if you aren't doing as much, just do something. It adds up. It looks like you are doing great at this. I think you'd rock at IMFL!

nancytoby said...

Thanks, Mike! I'm feeling pretty good about my progress right now. Yeah, I truly believe consistency is a big key to this puzzle! The problem was convincing myself to do it!!

partyrunner said...

excellent month...the second in a row. i too hate posting when i miss my scheduled workouts...isn't blogging community great that way?

you will so cross finish line in ironman 2006. nice!

*jeanne* said...

You're going to be a volunteer at E!!ie's Event?
Chesapeakeman? Isn't that the one she's doing?
That ROCKS!!!

And congrats on your consistency! I'm consistently being inconsistent right now. Blame in on hormones (Why not? My hormones are YANKING me!)


Wil said...

Hey, way to go! You're like, on the honor roll now! Keep it up :)

'Zilla said...

Wow, Nancy, that's a solid month (with more to come!). After my first tri, I wrote this in my report: "Dream huge. The only thing holding you back is yourself and your fear." You CAN!

Flatman said...

What a great month for are on a roll! Keep it up.

mipper said...

great month nancy! you are definately an inspiration. my problem is consistency as well. thanks for the motivation.

LouBob said...

Way to go Nancy! You inspire me, my goals are WAY down this month.