Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mission Statement, 2006

These are the overarching ultimate objectives that I plan to pursue in 2006, which I set last October. The culmination of the whole year of training (44 weeks to go) is Ironman Florida in November, 2006:
  • Train intelligently and effectively for an iron-distance triathlon while keeping my life in balance with my other responsibilities.
  • Get to the Ironman Florida starting line in the best shape of my life.
  • Enjoy every race day as a celebration of my training, bringing away lessons from each race.
Those are all non-quantifiable and subjective. So to support them, and ensure that I fulfill that mission, I need to develop a solid set of black-and-white process goals. Writing those process goals is my task for the rest of this week.

Then my day-to-day progressive training calendar (including appropriate macro cycles during the year) must be established such that every workout supports the completion of the process goals. I do have two huge wall calendars started that are devoted to my workout schedule, but I need to finish those up.

I believe that in 2006 one change I will make is to emphasize weekly workout totals within the 8-to-12 week macro cycle, instead of my former emphasis on monthly totals as I did in 2005. I may still post monthly totals, but I will be working to improve the consistency in my training throughout 2006 by trying to hit certain pre-determined totals each and every week.

Incidentally, part of the 2006 plan will be to block out several weeks following Ironman Florida for downtime and renewal. Just about everyone experiences a slump after a huge event like that, and I'm going to be sure to plan for it appropriately so that it doesn't hit me by surprise and stop me in my tracks.

I still can't find my process goals for 2005. Either I didn't write them down or I've forgotten where they are, which has exactly the same effect. As anonymouse pointed out, if these process goals aren't front and center every single day, they won't just happen by themselves!

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good stuff Nancy. I still have to review 2005 and figure out 2006. I also need to go for a run. Catch you later.