Friday, December 09, 2005

Just a regular old December day

Swam this morning again, 1700m. Hooray for finally getting out of the house again after being holed up with sick Elisabeth all week! Slightly improved my "relaxed" pace for 200s from my last attempt:
  • Freestyle: 200m @ 6:02, 6:03
  • Breaststroke: 200m @ 6:02, 6:32
Yeah, my freestyle should be faster than my breaststroke, but my best freestyle is still about the same speed as my best breaststroke. I hear technique helps. I'm seriously thinking about what kind of swim lessons or training programs I should get into after this Goofy Challenge is over in January. I really, really, really don't want to do the 5AM-6AM Tue-Thu master's swim group (am I even alive then?), but that would be the easiest for the whole family schedule thing, to swim when everyone else is sound asleep (and I should be too). Ugh. Then again, I don't want to drown at Ironman Florida next November. That's a motivator, for sure!

Headed off on the 2-hour drive to St. Michaels. Got here and I realized I forgot my cycling shoes, dammit. AGAIN. That does it. I absolutely, positively have to buy myself another pair for Christmas. I've just been procrastinating because they're so damned expensive - the mega ones I keep looking at require the Big Bucks for purchase. Maybe I can find some closeouts.

As we put up our Christmas tree (photos next week!), I thought about other ideas for my Christmas presents to myself. I had some great ideas that I forget right now because I had too much mmmmm gooooood wine with dinner. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow. :-)

I did just put in an order for some new triathlon competition duds from my wonderful local Cambridge Multi-Sport club ("Swim - Bike - Run - Party"). Cycling jersey, tri top, tri shorts, and a race singlet. If they fit right, I'll be showing their colors (perfect: red, black, and white) everywhere!

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