Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Triathlon dream

Last night I had a weird triathlon dream. I was sitting around waiting for my wave start at a big triathlon. I remember I looked at a posted chart of the starters, and counted up about 125 other triathletes all starting with me at 11AM. I was watching the earlier waves start. The athletes were gracefully diving off a steep 10-foot-high cliff at the water's edge straight into the surf. I knew I couldn't do that - it looked far too dangerous to me! I made plans to clamber down the cliff and then wade into the water.
Then, for some odd reason, since a couple of us had several hours to wait for the start, we decided to cut each other's hair.

How peculiar!


Shelley said...

Bwahahaaaaaaaa that is so funny, just wait until you get closer to your IM, you will be having tons of weird dreams.

Mica said...

That is hilarious. At least your dreams don't involve alligators like mine.

mipper said...

they say cutting your hair can be a release of something emotional. i wonder if you were subconsciouly succumbing to the thought of "Nancy Toby, you are an IRONWOMAN!" ;)