Monday, December 26, 2005

Quiet Christmas/Hanukah

Yesterday it rained hard all day here, so we had a nice quiet day indoors playing with our Christmas toys. Santa was good to us!

The girls got musical instruments from Grandma, so they practiced blowing on the flute, shaking the tambourine (and Catherine likes to shake her little booty) and smashing the wooden xylophone. They tend to want to put the harmonica in their mouth lengthwise, though. The flute and the harmonica are perfect for Elisabeth, who needs that type of breath-control exercise for her speech skills.

Then the girls spent a long time watching their favorite - newly released Signing Time videos from Santa with lots of new songs and animal signs that kept them captivated. That gave us a few minutes of free time, so Steve was able to start reading the books I got him (the final few episodes of the Sharpe series).

I did my core work , but that's about it! I received some good new kitchen knives (just what I asked for!) and so I put them to good use preparing a big 11-pound turkey breast for our dinner. The nice smells filled the house all afternoon. We lit the candles for the first night of Hanukah (we celebrate it all!) and enjoyed our feast!

After dinner we watched another couple episodes in the HBO/Tom Hanks series From The Earth To The Moon - the surprisingly good human story behind the headlines.


WiseTrainer said...
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Comm's said...

I watched the Sharpe series on DVD this year. Great stuff. Sean Bean, Boromir in Lord of The Rings, and several other hollywood movies was Sharpe.

nancytoby said...

That's how we got started on the books!