Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy winter solstice!

Today has the shortest daylight of the year 2005. So that means we've finally turned the corner and we'll have more daylight for the next six months! Hooray!

Happy day to all my pagan buddies! Let's dance around that decorated tree in your living room wildly to celebrate Saturnalia, an accordance with the millenia-old rites! Oh, or are you politically correct, and you wish to re-name that tree a "Christmas tree"? Revisionist! It was really a holiday tree to start out with!!! :-)

War on Christmas? What war on Christmas!?


Chris said...

Hurray! This getting dark in the afternoon business is driving me nuts! :(

Jeremy said...

Man, I'm glad to see someone else thinks the war on christmas is absurd.

I'm also glad I won't be training in the dark anymore.

TriFeist said...

I don't get offended if someone wishes me Happy Chanukah. Even Winter Solstice is cool with me. I'd rather see everyone express their religion than have this PC "we must create a bland society that offends no one" crap. You can't support diversity unless you show diversity. Where were the Ramadan displays? Why not?

LouBob said...

Woohoo! Kind of a downhill run into summer.

Cliff said...

What's PC?

PC = personal computer
PC = President choice??

nancytoby said...

Oops, sorry, PC = politically correct. I re-posted with that spelled out now.