Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Run training paces

Now is also a good time to reassess your training paces, to get them into the most effective range for your target events, and plug them into your goals for the year. There's a nice calculator of the various run training paces at the Runner's World site. For me, though, the paces recommended by my times at various race distances varies wildly, since I'm comparatively much slower at the longer distances -- even slower than most algorithms predict for longer distances.

Here are my recommended training paces, based on my recent 5K and half marathon times:
  • Your easy run training pace is: 12:10 - 13:33 min/mile
  • Your tempo run training pace is: 10:12 - 11:26 min/mile
  • Your maximum oxygen training pace is: 9:14 - 10:21 min/mile
  • Your speed form training pace is: 8:34 - 9:37 min/mile
  • Your long run training pace is: 12:10 - 15:09 min/mile
  • Your Yasso 800s training pace is: 4:44 - 5:18/800
I'll likely be doing the bulk of my training mileage in running this year at longer distances and at the slower "easy run" paces, in order to work on my performance at half marathon to marathon distances (for my half Ironman and Ironman triathlons later this year). I've always found that losing a few pounds does far more for my running times than a whole lot of pounding on the roads! But I'll schedule some speed work on the track or hill work every week or two, as well.


Keryn said...

Great link! Thanks!

Iron Benny said...

Thanks for the links Nancy. Looks like someone is doing her research. Way to go.

jeanne said...

thanks for this! Very useful!

Ellie said...

Hmmmm... I don't have any "shorter" races to base my goals on. Guess I could use my fastest training-run times. This site is way cheaper than a HRM :-)