Friday, December 23, 2005

Sunny winter day

Just took the girls out for their jogstroller walk - hooray for a heat wave! We're up to 49*F under sunny skies, so we were all quite comfortable. 3.2 miles total on my handy online pedometer.

I think I saw a pair of these in the harbor, diving for half a minute or more to hide or eat nasty things from the bottom of the harbor, and surfacing fifty feet away. Perhaps a Common Goldeneye? I couldn't get very close to them to see a lot of detail. Very small and cute.

We went to the park on the other side of town and the girls played on the apparatus, going down the slides and eating sand and normal stuff like that. I only had to sprint after runaway Catherine once when she headed into a neighboring yard. Then she decided it was fun to play in the melting icewater puddles, so she got soaked and then it was time to take an unhappy chilly girl home. Now they're incarcerated in their beds for a while, aka "The Crankatorium".

Their Dad is arriving this afternoon - Catherine has been asking about him every day! So maybe we'll go over to the Yacht Club to have a (now-rare) nice dinner out - if we get a table in the corner of the bar it's noisy enough and we're far away from people that usually the girls don't bother anyone. Well, except us, but we're quite accustomed to it.

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Kewl Nitrox said...

Cute ducks (or whatever they are). :)