Monday, December 12, 2005

Little successes

Our household rule is this: If you are taking care of the girls, if you get ONE thing done besides that, you're having a Good Day.

Today is a Good Day! Even though neglected to make myself wake up early enough to run this morning.

I was able to wade through four different phone trees from hell and schedule the installation of our wall-mounted microwave. We had it delivered about a month ago, but we were unable to get it installed until we had about $500 worth of electrical work done. So the big microwave will finally be OFF of the counter and ON to the wall above the stove on Thursday! Hooray! I'll post more fascinating photos when complete, which I'm sure will captivate all my loyal readers!

I also signed up again for the 2006 Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in Washington, DC next April. It's one of my favorite road races of the year, my favorite race distance, with a great expo and lots of elite runners preparing for the Boston Marathon. It has a field limit of 10,000 and it will fill, so I was sure to get in my registration as soon as I heard it opened.

Then I also ordered my gel flasks to use as throwaways during races. I ordered ten for $1.70 each, shipping included. Hey, that's as much as one gel costs, and I used to buy 5 single-serving gels per marathon! Now I'll fill the flasks with my own homemade gel that I like better, and toss when done. Not bad!

I'm on a roll! Maybe I should tackle addressing the holiday (not Christmas) cards!? You won't see me boycotting any businesses because they don't use the word Christmas. Multi-culturalism is fine with me. And you don't want to start me ranting about separation of church and state....

That said, I'm getting excited about our Christmas Light Run around the core of Washington, DC this Wednesday night, a little over four miles including the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse. Jeanne and *jeanne* and Holly and I will be there, jogging and singing carols - what could be more fun!? Will you join us?


Bolder said...

oh my, that is a big todo... sifting through vendors for kitchen mods -- not fun.

with twins, good on you!

Susan said...

Wow, you did get a lot done. The cherry blossom race sounds fun.

What is your homemade get recipe?

nancytoby said...

Follow the link for the gel recipe!!!

Comm's said...

I have read great things about the Cherry blossom run. Awesome.

mipper said...

i like your rule. i want to adopt it. because then i would be rockin' despite messy house and unfolded laundry.