Thursday, December 01, 2005

December goals

This month's goals are based on the workout plan I pencilled in on a calendar page I just printed out. I hope I've accounted correctly for the holidays and estimating interruptions that may be caused by bad weather. I'm starting to ramp up the swimming a bit now. Let's see how the next 31 days goes!


* Swim goal: 9000 meters (6+ workouts of 1500m+).
* Bike goal: 80 miles.
* Run and walk goal: 80 miles.
* Crunches goal: 1300.
* Weight loss goal: 3.0 pounds.
* Events goal 1, December 3: Finish one half marathon.
* Events goal 2, December 10-20: Finish at least one long run of 18+ miles in preparation for the Goofy Challenge in January.


Mark I. said...

does consistently inconsistent count for anything? No? DRAT!

Cliff said...

That looks like some big goals....;) good stuff

Phil said...

Jumpin Jeramiah! I need to hire you as my coach!

Steph said...

great goals! inspiring me to do the same (monthly goals).