Friday, December 30, 2005

I am the New Year

I'm passing along this gem that Ron Horton posted on one of my email lists. I tried to google the original source but couldn't find it - I'd love to give correct attribution, if anyone knows it!

I am the New Year

I hold all the promise of a first kiss, endless opportunities and miracles yet untold.
Enjoy each day as it comes, not all will finish the trip.
Pack light, your material needs are few.
Bring hopes and dreams, for I am the path of new beginnings.
Bring friends who are faithful, traveling alone can be difficult.
Bring smiles and laughter, you will need them for the days there is no sun.
Bring flexibility, you may end up where you didn't plan to be.
Bring faith, the doubters can wear you down.
Bring generosity, others may come ill-prepared.
Along the way work hard, it will pay the rent.
Live honestly, it allows you to look in the mirror.
Set aside time to play, children have always understood priorities.
Maintain a sense of humor, the world takes itself too seriously.
Weep when you need to, it washes away sorrow.
Teach what you know, we are here to learn.
Give back, it balances the world.
Listen to the words of others, God often speaks through strangers.
Look forward, the future radiates more light than the past.
Love passionately, it fuels the body.

I am the New Year.

365 uniquely wrapped gifts, no two alike, filled with untold surprises.

And I am yours.