Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My performance goal failures for 2005

Why make process goals instead of performance goals? Because you can't have performance without the process to back it up! (Otherwise known as "Don't write checks your ass can't cash".)

Learn from my mistakes! That's what happened to me in 2005. I made several pace goals (i.e., performance goals) without laying down and following a plan to achieve those goals through specific training (i.e., process goals), plus maybe I spread myself a little too thin. Like, what sense was there in making a 5-mile race goal when I wasn't training specifically to run that distance, and I had no 5-milers planned on the race calender in the whole year?

My goals * and the results for 2005:
  • 5K <0:30:00 * 30:26 is my closest in 2005
  • 5M <0:50:00 * no 5-milers or 8km races in 2005
  • 10K <1:00:00 * 1:04:31 is my closest in 2005
  • 10M <1:50:00 * 1:52:57 is my closest in 2005
  • Half Marathon <2:25:00 * 2:37:50 is my closest in 2005
  • Marathon <5:00:00 * not even close yet (5:59 and 6:33 marathons in 2005)
  • 1 Olympic distance triathlon completed <4:00:00 * DONE IN 4:06:58 (close enough for my first attempt!)
  • 1 Half Ironman triathlon completed <8:00:00 * DONE IN 8:50:50 (not close at all to the time goal, but my first attempt is complete!)
But you know what? I don't really count those as failures - not at all! I didn't quite make as much progress as I had hoped in my speed during the year, but I did indeed make progress in the right direction, set PRs at all distances less than a marathon, and finished my first Olympic and half Ironman triathlons! And the real underlying objective is to improve my fitness while having fun, and I certainly achieved that. So overall, I'm pleased about the year 2005.

I also made some tiers of time goals in advance for most races I ran in 2005 - I made many of my goals, but some I didn't. Some days you have it, and some you don't, and there's always more races out there to be run.

I thought I had made some process goals at the start of 2005, but I haven't been able to find them yet. Will post when I do.


Fe-lady said...

PLEASE take out that word "failures"-you need to view all of these events as money in the bank (since you are talking about writing checks!) Believe me, EXPERIENCE COUNTS in all of these types of events! And the more(experience/races) you have under your belt the easier (and probably faster) you will complete them. You did quite alot in '05. Just remember to remain injury free and please have FUN doing these things. They are a small part of your whole life...(but you know that!) :-)

nancytoby said...

I really don't count it as a failure any time anyone gets out and does their best on any particular day, and keeps a positive attitude - including me! Actually I was just trying to illustrate the whole goal-setting thing. I hope I didn't fail at that! ;-)

Flatman said...

I think you had an awesome year! You finished a half-ironman and two marathons, for pete's sake!!!

You raced more in this year, than most people do in their whole lives.

AND, you are going to do an IRONMAN this year!

YOU ROCK, Nancy!

Danny said...

i see my point has been made already - i wouldn't even use the word "failure" anywhere near you. those are some pretty amazing accomplishments. hard to believe it's all 1 year actually!!

good luck with your goofy challenge. i can't wait to follow your progress!

Keryn said...

You ROCK! Those are awesome times. You came so close so often. I think you need to take into account how many damn races you ran this year.

Oh, and I totally agree on the process vs performance. You hit the nail on the head with that one.

anonymouse said...

I think you just forgot your goals as the year went by. People are more likely to do the things that help them meet a goal when they're constantly aware that it exists. If you'd posted it on the fridge, for example, you would have run that 5 miler at some point. You missed the 5k time by less than half a minute. A fridge note would have made you push a tad harder during the last half mile just so you could check that one off.

Even though your specific goals weren't met, great job this year!

Iron Benny said...

You are going to to great in your Ironman. You have tons of aerobic base to work with. I love how you set down goals and a plan to reach them. That is something we should all do. I will do it when I get a chance. Thanks for the tip.

Wil said...

Most people wouldn't have had half the guts you had this year - you never quit, and you could have. You could have never even attempted. People have to respect that. I do appreciate your open analysis of your goal accomplishment, shows that you can be honest with yourself, which isn't always easy for anyone - one more thing to respect about you :)

nancytoby said...

Anonymouse - I think you're very correct - I was going to post that it might be a clue as to why I (probably) haven't met my other goals when I can't even figure out where I left them! Yoou have to have them front & center to make them work!

Flatman, Danny, Keryn, Benny, Wil, thanks so much for your very kind comments. You all rock, and you inspire me every day.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Nancy, as always you are the most detailed person out there!

You had a fantastic 2005 and by starting 2006 with the goofy challenge... Wow, you're definitely putting those miles in the bank!

chaos said...

Hi Nancy, I found my way here through Heather's sight, I think. I am so impressed by all you have achieved. Thank you for the inspiration "(much needed during this time of year!)

Comm's said...

I think the important thing is that created these goals and reached for them. Not all were obtained but you are better athlete now than 12 months ago and you will be double, triple the athlete in 44 weeks.