Monday, December 05, 2005

Sick day

Elisabeth is still sick, and getting her to eat and drink anything is a huge struggle. It's okay if she doesn't want to eat much, but I don't want to end up with a dehydrated 2-year-old! Poor thing. So we're having a slow day at home taking care of her. So far Catherine seems to have escaped getting the same bug (and fortunately my husband and I have too), but we'll see in a few more days just exactly who starts sniffling.

So between that and the possible coming snowstorm, my workout plan for the week (in my right sidebar) may be just so many good intentions. I can always sit on the bike trainer, that doesn't involve getting out of the living room.

We were unable to get a hearing test appointment for Elisabeth until next MARCH! Bah. It has to be done at a hospital because it requires full sedation. So we have to just wait and see about a real diagnosis on her speech delay. I'm very impatient on this, but there doesn't seem to be much we can do to speed it up aside from getting on the waiting list for an earlier slot. I've already cancelled her speech therapy appointment for tomorrow, and will probably have to cancel her regular OT appointment on Wednesday, too. Hopefully she'll turn the corner today and start feeling better, but she will still be a contagious mass of baby germs.

I *think* her hearing is reasonably good, but we don't know for sure. My husband and I keep watching her and saying, "Look, she heard THAT!" whenever she reacts to a sound, but that's not exactly an objective test across all frequencies. We'll have to wait and be patient, I guess.


Susan said...

I hope Elisabeth starts feeling better soon. I'm glad that everyone else has managed to stay healthy.

My daughter had a speech delay too and when through speech therapy for years. She didn't say anything understandable until she was around 3 1/2.

Flatman said...

Pedialite is your friend!

We went through dehydrated baby when my son was fun.

nancytoby said...

Yeah, I bought every version of it at the store yesterday - even the frozen pops - but she refuses to touch it, just pushes it away. Elisabeth is one stubborn girl! I think we're going to have to practice with it when she's well again so she gets accustomed to the taste. I tried to trick her yesterday and tell her the PediaPops were GoGurt, which she likes, but she didn't fall for it.

Iron Benny said...

You have probably escaped getting sick because you are fit. I bet, if you started that training program for the week and you started to get drained, your body would slow down and leave you vulnerable to the virus. Be careful, if you train, I wouldn't over do it. Just a thought. Also, stay hydrated. Take care, hope Elisabeth starts feeling better.

Mica said...

:( How frustrating that you have to wait until March.

I hope the little one feels better soon.

Ellie said...

The times I've been with Elizabeth I haven't had any feeling that she wasn't hearing well. She responds with an appropriate head nod or shake when I ask her something, even if I'm not facing her.

Sure hope she's feeling better soon! Sick kids are not fun.

Granny said...

Darn. Sick babies are not good for you or babies. Rebecca had some problems; tubes in her ears, etc. and a broken eardrum but she seems to have come out of it finally.

I replied to your comment about my ancestors. Too funny. I don't how they managed 75 years. Looked like they couldn't stand each other. She looks like Queen Victoria and he looks like a wild west bank robber. I think she's holding a Bible.