Monday, December 05, 2005

Getting Goofy

OK, my preparations for the Goofy Challenge (a half marathon on Saturday 1/7 plus a marathon on Sunday 1/8 through Walt Disney World) are nearly complete.

Tonight I ordered a new pair of shoes to break in before the race, so I'll have two pairs race-ready (one for each day of running).

Then I just scored this hat on eBay.

Now just that little detail of traipsing through another 16-miler and an 18-miler (in the snow, no doubt), and I'll be all set.


Flatman said...

Awesome sure and take pictures!

TriFeist said...

Love the hat. Too cool.

Reminds me I need new shoes right now, too. So much for those new wheels.

Bolder said...

gah! that's a lot of running!!

look forward to your report... isn't Sheila Mind of Iron being goofy too?

nancytoby said...

Yep, she's in too!

Holly said...

Love that hat!!