Sunday, December 11, 2005

New mini-camera

OK, you all convinced me that the camera-phone wasn't a great idea, especially when you started talking about racking up charges for transmitting the photos. Instead I just ordered this little gem to take to Disney World with me to capture all the Goofies.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1: It was a Consumer Reports Best Buy for January '06, 4.1 megapixels with 10X zoom and movie capabilities, only 1.7 inches by 3.7 inches and 4 ounces, rechargeable, great user reviews, less than $300 with extra memory - what's not to like!? This will be my new toy for most of my races. Actually, I should have it in time for Christmas shots this year, too!

Thanks for your wise advice! I'll stick to using the phone for talking on, and I'll save the old clunky battery-burning 1.3 mp digital camera for the girls to play with in another year or two.


Keryn said...


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Very nice. Hubby let Nikayla (4) play with ours and now she wants one. Guess will have to see if Santa brings me a new little one then she can have my old one. *grin*

Comm's said...

nice choice. good camera.