Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Christmas Tree

Here's the new fake Christmas tree. The baby gates are protecting both the tree and the presents from the depredations of Catherine and Elisabeth. No ornaments on it, just the pre-wired lights, and it may just stay that way this year. The rocking chair is protecting the electric cord from grabby little hands.

We'll be doing well if they don't manage to knock it over this year, don't you think?


LouBob said...

LOL A playpen for a tree! Innovative, for sure!

Shelley said...

Let me out..I can hear the tree screaming..nice though..It looks real for sure!!!

Fe-lady said...

No-the tree is saying "thank you, thank you"! :-) I wish I had done the same in past years because of my cat, not my kid! :-0