Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Extended Goofy forecast

From Accuweather:

Friday, Jan 6
Orlando, FL weather: Partly sunny and colder. High: 60°F. Low: 38°F.
Saturday, Jan 7
Orlando, FL weather: Plenty of sunshine. High: 61°F. Low: 39°F.
Sunday, Jan 8
Orlando, FL weather: Sunshine. High: 62°F. Low: 41°F.

Moral of the story: Bring lots of throwaways for race day! ~40 degrees is going to feel awfully chilly at 5AM in the pitch dark, but 60 degrees in the sun can feel quite warm when you're running! Fortunately, no precipitation is in the long-range forecast there within two days of the weekend.

Update 12/28 (ten days from Goofy): The forecast is getting substantially warmer. Bring the swimsuits!

Friday, Jan 6
Orlando, FL Weather: Sunny. High: 68°F. Low: 47°F.
Saturday, Jan 7
Orlando, FL Weather: Abundant sunshine. High: 69°F. Low: 49°F.
Sunday, Jan 8
Orlando, FL Weather: A good deal of sun. High: 71°F. Low: 50°F.


Tammy said...

10 days?!?!! How exciting!!! Of course, our marathons aren't until Next Year, so what are we worried about? hehe.

tri-mama said...

I'm a little envious of the weather-and the run-
The hardest part will undoubtedly be getting sore legs moving the second morning-may I suggest a nice long massage :)

TriFeist said...

I'm so going to PR. Those are perfect, cold temps for me.

*jeanne* said...

OMG! We go GOOFYING in less than a WEEK!!!

Time to FLIP the calendar to 2006!