Thursday, December 08, 2005

More race shopping!

'Tis the season, right? I got a few industrial-type items from ABC Safety Glasses to bring to Disney World for the Goofy Challenge. These are items that I'll use to stay warm while heading to the 6:00 AM race start each of two mornings in the 4:30 AM darkness, but I'll throw away on the course once we get running and warmed up. I've already used up all my old long-sleeved t-shirts that I don't like as throwaways at various races. These will save me a trip to Goodwill to buy (and then wash to sterilize) some nasty old clothes for throwaways on the Disney courses, and probably will be easier to pack.

Lightweight cotton string knit gloves: Sold by the dozen at about $0.62 per pair.

Industrial coveralls: Sold in boxes of 25 at about $1.52 apiece. These should also shed rain, too. Hmm, these might also be handy for pre-triathlon bike cleaning, as well!

Maybe my good readers can help me think of some good slogans to write on the coveralls for wearing to the start with my Goofy hat!? Won't that be fine!!

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Keryn said...

"Oh, the world owes me a livin'"

Traditional Goofy!