Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bad girl is BACK!

I think Elisabeth is nearly fully recovered, despite a persistent cough.

I had put the girls in their cribs in the living room after a late breakfast, hoping that they would take a morning nap. I went upstairs to read my email. I heard Elisabeth crying a little downstairs, but ignored it because it stopped quickly.

Later I came to find Elisabeth reverting to her old bad behavior - standing on the end table throwing down the DVDs off the TV and opening the cases.

SHE HAD ESCAPED and then decided to cause trouble!!

That's Mommy's girl!!


Keryn said...

I love that moment when you're torn between anger and joy at their behavior. Kids are great!

aaron (air-run) said...

Your girls obviously have a weakness for the classics!

'Zilla said...

Looks like she's feeling better! Woo Hooo!!! :)