Monday, May 29, 2006

Cambridge practice triathlon

Before I tell you about the practice triathlon we had today, here's the evidence from Saturday - yes, we really did start out on a 56-mile bike ride at 6AM! This is my minivan at Great Marsh Park where Eagleman is staged in Cambridge, Maryland, looking east over the Choptank River.

Today's fun was another great training session with the good folks from Cambridge Multi-Sport, a practice sprint triathlon held at Horn Point. Here is one of the noble ovines which guard the entrance.

It was a beautiful setting for it! The transition was a nice grove of trees, and we each got to claim our own personal tree for our gear.

Here's the half-mile swim course laid out in the Choptank River. . . .

. . . complete with kayak and dog support.

Many thanks to our Organizer Extraordinaire, Jude Apple!

There were about ten of us doing the practice, all self-timing. I got to have fun on the course longer than anyone! And it was all great, except for maybe the outbound leg of the swim when it seemed like hard work.

I definitely think that should be a regular event! I propose the title "Hornman Sprint". :-)

My times for the day:

Swim half mile: 25:39 (14:23 out, 11:16 back)
T1: 4:29 (estimated - I hit the timer button late)
Bike 15.5 miles: 51:29 (estimated, my bike computer said a little shorter time, 17.7 mph)
T2: 1:21
Run 5K: 31:46
Finish: 1:54:47

Except I should have been disqualified for ejecting a gel flask on the bike going over a bump, and getting pacing assistance on the run (thanks, David!). Good thing for me there weren't any officials on course. Actually that's a very strong run for me right off the bike, which I was pleased to see. I had no problem with "dead legs" after the bike leg, thankfully.

Perfect workout! Especially nice to see everyone and meet some new faces before Eagleman in two weeks. Next weekend we have another open water swim practice, which I especially need.


Bridget said...

That sounds like a great practice run. Your times were super. Your are definitely getting stronger/faster. Can you really get disqualified if something falls off?

nancytoby said...

Yep, if something falls off it's considered abandoning equipment. It's basically to keep people from throwing away water bottles wherever they wish on the course - that would be a real headache for the organizers! Also dangerous for fellow cyclists.

Meagan said...

Wow, what a workout!!! I'm very impressed.

Shelley said...

Wow Nancy, you really are getting faster and faster...great job!!! I wish we would do something like that here, sure sounds like fun.

Mojo said...

Fun practice, looks like a good training group. Your times look great. It's good your legs felt so good especially after your long ride Saturday!

I loved the ram statue.

aaron (air-run) said...

You are fortunate to have great people to do the practice with and such a great place to do it!

*jeanne* said...

Those pictures are really pretty! The sunrise, the Choptank, and the kid, dog, and kayak - ooooooh!
Loved the transition grove, too!
And good for you, still out there, once again, doing it! :-)