Monday, April 24, 2006

Our walk today

3.7 miles in the jogstroller around the neighborhood, including a view across the harbor of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum:

And the Church of Reckless Drivers:

And some running-wild time in the muddy local baseball diamond:

We all needed baths when we got home, before our naps.


Flatman said...

"our naps?" Did you get one too? Oh glorious day if you did!!!

jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

how cute are they?? It sounds like a fun day. I hope you got a nap too.

Comm's said...

IT must be from all the american history I have taken but I am completely enamored with New England and the countryside around the North East coast. Great pics. One of my goals, which I think I will do when Mo gets older is go to NE in the fall and walk through the woods, see some light houses. sappy stuff like that.

Your so lucky to train with that around you. Out here its just shades of brown or green with thorns.