Thursday, April 27, 2006

Grocery outing

Just got done with a trip to the grocery store, which leaves me exhausted when I do it with these two little monsters! Actually, only one thing bad happened. Elisabeth was the one who got to sit (or mostly stand) inside the cart with all the stuff, and she kept throwing items out of the cart. Including the bunch of five bananas when we got to the checkout stand, and one banana of the bunch went flying off and I think went underneath the checkout stand. I acted like I didn't notice it was missing. They'll find it eventually.

This scenic farm is right across the street from the strip mall where the grocery store is. I think it's about to get swallowed up by a housing development, so I took a picture while I was there admiring the view.

I just learned that the guy on the right, Tony Snow, the new White House Spokesman, is another one of our Bush Administration neighbors. He owns a house on the waterfront about eight miles from us, which is actually on the way to the aforementioned grocery store. I just hope it doesn't mean more security details and helicopters out this way!

Nap now. It's bike trainer night, watching Survivor and C.S.I. and Without A Trace all in a row, after we chat with Daddy on the webcam.


stronger said...

I had a pickle jar launcher in my basket one day. Clean up aisle 4!

Shelley said...

I love survivor!!

nancytoby said...

Omigod. Pickle jar launcher. Scary!

mipper said...

oh the throwing things out of the cart syndrome. it's scary what they can get in and out of thsoe things. does your store have the todler carts? they are impossible to drive, but you can strap them in and they can't reach the stuff. the only way i can survive walmart with toddlers who can't walk the store on their own.

Mojo said...

Looks like Elisabeth is queen of her chariot. :) She looks proud standing in the cart with the wind whipping through her hair.

Hope you had a good trainer ride!