Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The fun week of no swimming

Today's harbor view brought to you by the letter I.

Last night I did a pretty good upper-body workout with my twenty-pound dumbbells to target deltoid and biceps/triceps strength, in the absence of swimming this week. They're just about the right amount of soreness today - not too much, not too little. Let's hope a few more of those workouts this week will have some beneficial effect.

Today was another adventurous day with my girls, Chaos and Entropy! Ahh, the life of two-year-olds . . . .

At one point I found two little girls gathered around the toilet bowl. It had been suspiciously quiet for too long and my Mom Radar had gone off.

The bowl was filled up solid with wads of wet toilet paper, plus a juice box. The girls were also festooned with wet toilet paper. When I arrived on the scene Catherine started taking the toilet paper OUT of the bowl and cleaning up by throwing it on the floor. She's helpful that way.

After that, Catherine started running around the house with my race waistpack and heart rate monitor strap looped artistically around her neck for a dual necklace, and admiring her stylish reflection in the glass on the front of the oven.

No photos of those events to share, though.

It was definitely time to take them to the park to see if they could exhaust themselves. Fortunately, it worked.


Mark I. said...

that pic of riverview terrace is lovely.

Granny said...

They are so cute.

mipper said...

i have a good toilet bowl and 2 year old story.

my first son one time asked to hold the cordless phone and so i handed it to him. he immediately ran down the hall, opened the toilet lid... *plunk*

"bye bye phone"


of course it was too big to go down but it was ruined. after i got over the shock that he had actually done that i laughed pretty hard. and then went out that night and bought a new phone.

your girls are darling!

Mojo said...

sounds like the twins keep you on your toes! I don't envy the wet toliet paper mess to clean up. I wish you got some pictures!

One of the twins has beautiful, curly hair. They are too cute!

nancytoby said...

You guys crack me up! Thank you! Sorry about the phone, Mips. :-)