Friday, April 28, 2006


As heard on TRI-DRS (in reference to swimming, but it applies to a lot of training):
  • Consistency is the act of often showing up to train and rarely missing training sessions.
  • Consistency goes beyond just showing up, it also flows into what you do in training once you show up.
  • Consistency means training focused, hard and smart.
  • You do what you need to do how you need to do it when you need to do it.
  • It means you manage your energy well during the training sessions.
  • Consistency means giving your all in training when that's what you're supposed to do.
  • Consistency means setting high standards and striving to accomplish them, especially when you don't feel like it or when you're having an "off" day.
  • Consistently splitting your practice swims correctly.
  • Consistently being mentally tough.
  • Consistently stepping up;
  • Consistently redefining your limits;
  • Consistently discovering what you are capable of;
  • Consistently using proper form.


tarheeltri said...

Cutting this out and taping to my wall. Great list.

Habeela said...

Thanks for posting this. What a great motivator for today's swim!

jeanne said...

This is a great list!