Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Nation's Triathlon

I just got an email for advance registrants which says that registration will open within 3 weeks for The Nation's Triathlon (Olympic distance) in the center of Washington, DC, on September 17th.

I can only imagine it's been a nightmare to get approvals for this event, because (despite the launch of the National Marathon this past March) even little local 10K and 5K runs are being almost completely squeezed out of downtown DC.

I think I'll register, because if they pull this one off, it will be pretty cool to participate. I think I can manage to swim in the Potomac without swallowing too much (yuck!), and it will be one-way with the current. The bike leg should be hilly and difficult, but the run around the Mall should be a fun ending!


aaron (air-run) said...

I am Tagging you - 10 simple pleasures. I did mine, so din't wimp out!

mipper said...

that sounds fun! i bet it will be logistical nightmare though. but still, if they do it right, it should be a great race. good luck!