Sunday, April 16, 2006

The holiday is over!

The party is over! Vacation is done! Time to get back on the straight and narrow!

We had Grandpa visiting this weekend and in between getting ready for that and having him here and spending time enjoying the company and good food, the workouts got cut a little shorter than I had planned. It happens! Spending time with family for holidays is a pretty good reason to rearrange those workouts. I also took a day and half vacation from FitDay. Just as long as it only happens occasionally and doesn't extend into a layoff lasting weeks or months or years! We can't make believe that every weekend is that "special occasion" now, can we?

So last week I was down to only 9 workout hours, my lowest weekly total since February. Before that, the last six weeks all had 10 to 11.5 hours of workouts.

This morning I got out for a lovely run in comfortable temperatures around the neighborhood - 5.7 miles at about 12 min/mile easy pace. I made two loops past a local church having Easter services, and on my second loop the services were letting out. Cars were speeding out of there past me away from the church, leaving no quarter, one even forcing me off the road. I guess it must not have been a very good sermon, or didn't make a positive impression on the attendees or something, because they weren't acting very charitably towards their neighbors (ME!) upon their departure!


Ann Ewbank said...

Heh, heh, I can relate! I often run down a street in central Phoenix while the "self-realization fellowship" new age church lets out on Sunday. Unfortunately, the congregants aren't self-realized enough to stop attempting to mow down pedestrians and runners!

Chris said...

As much as I love Easter and what it stands for, I don't really care for the bi-annual church goers. I feel bad saying it, but when you're used to the crowd at church being a certain size, and the parking lot being filled to a certain level, and then for two days a year (the other being Christmas) everything doubles it drive me nuts!!!

mipper said...

funny story for you....

i had a friend once who said that he knew of two congregations where when they would finish for church would race each other to the restaurants down the road to get good seats quickly. it finally got so bad that one of the ministers decided to start ending his sermon 15 minutes early just so his congregation could get the "good seats at the good restaurants."

and Christians wonder why non-Christians get so anoyed with us... sigh.