Sunday, April 30, 2006

Men in Black at the playground

We walked to the playground on the other side of town today. The playground that happens to be situated on the only road leading to Cheney and Rumsfeld's houses. There were two men in suits sitting in a black Suburban for fifteen minutes after we arrived. At the playground. On a Sunday morning.

My Mom Radar was going off. Something funny was going on.

Nobody wears suits in this town. Nobody.

Eventually they pulled out and joined a convoy of two other black Suburbans and a couple of other vehicles.

Mom was happy that the playground was safe from the long arm of jihadists. The girls were unconcerned.


Granny said...

I wonder what was going on. You'll probably never know.

backofpack said...

I like the way you got pictures of the cars while getting pictures of the girls. Sneaky! As a Mom, that certainly puts you on high-alert doesn't it?

nancytoby said...

It was probably just a standard departure from one of their houses for the weekend! At least they don't have to have a humongous screaming entourage with traffic blocked off, like they do for the President. I got caught in one of THOSE traffic jams a couple of weeks ago - very annoying!

mipper said...

look at Catherine eyeing them! that is a trip. Catherine's radar was going off too i guess.

what it must be like to just see that as a normal daily event. a top US official's convey. pretty cool, i think. but then again, i don't have to live with it either. ;)