Saturday, August 27, 2005

T2 sunblock for speedy application

Here's a great product for spraying on the sunblock in transitions in a big hurry, if you haven't seen it before: waterproof, sweatproof SPF 30 sunblock in a pressurized spray. I like to use it on my daughters, since it goes on very quickly while they're squirming around getting excited about going outside.

I also like SPF 36 Bullfrog in the pump spray, but it takes a little longer to get on. And after a while I my finger gets tired from pumping it.

Your skin will thank you. (Just ask Oldman and Holly).


tarheeltri said...

Been using them both this summer... great products. Should have put some on before my 83 mile ride.

btw... how do you get the word verification stuff?

nancytoby said...

To activate word verification, go to your blogger settings under "Comments". :-)

Comm's said...

I use the coppertone, as does my boy. great stuff trying to spray down a running two year old.