Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina's spinoff effects

We're all going to experience some repercussions from Hurricane Katrina, though they will be miniscule effects compared to the folks directly in the path of the storm.

Gas prices are forecast to rise by as much as $1.10 per gallon by this weekend. We're filling our tanks now.

My husband may have to go to Denmark for a week to cover some duties that would normally be handled by some employees from a branch of his company located on the Gulf Coast. That may mean I will be on the bike trainer more than usual, will be doing a lot of jogstroller walks, can't go to the pool, and I may have to DNS the St. Michaels Century ride on September 10th.

A little interruption in my training and a little heavier burden at the gas pump seems a very small price to pay. On some of my email lists we still have no word from some of the members in Mississippi and Louisiana - hopefully it's only due to power outages. I think I'll postpone setting my numerical September goals until our personal situation becomes a little more clear.

Hearing the details of disasters like this does add a little grounding to the importance of physical training, though. Would I have the strength to hold onto a tree all night, battered by waves and hurricane-force winds, the way some survivors did? Would I be able to swim to safety from a flooded building? Would I be fit enough to walk down 75 flights of stairs to get out of the World Trade Center in time? Would I have the stamina to carry my children to safety? Physical fitness is NOT trivial in those situations. There were times in my life, not so long ago, when I was heading in the direction of NOT being able to do those things. Hopefully I'm headed in a more positive direction now.

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Flatman said...

That is a very valid point. Thanks for making it clear at least one of the reasons we are all doing this!!!