Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina's ongoing effects

From a post on the WWLTV discussion boards:

"They interviewed a man in DC that said he used to live in New Orleans.. I think he put it best.. He said "The country needs to understand that a MAJOR US city is in ruins.. Over a million people are without homes, without jobs, without ANYTHING".. I can't believe no one else is emphasizing this fact!! Also, last year in Florida there were FOUR hurricanes in a short span.. In all that time only 5 relief teams went in.. There are FORTY in the city of New Orleans.. The gov't has moved FOUR Navy ships to the area to help with rescue and medical needs and has more forces on standby.. Why don't people understand the gravity of this situation?!? Also, I think it needs to be said that some sort of relief and aid efforts MUST be promoted nationwide.. We spend MILLIONS of dollars on other countries, yet people in Jefferson parish have no water?? This is ridiculous!!"

Here again are those links to relief organizations. Please be generous:
Page of relief organizations
Red Cross


bunnygirl said...

Thanks for your recent posts, Nancy! This has been a big shock to us in Houston because so many of us have either been to the affected areas, know people there, or both.

It could've been us. One day it will be us. Every summer we watch the forecasts and wonder when the big one will hit here.

Seeing a storm take out most of the southern gulf coast is shocking. It has put so many things in a different perspective for me that although I'm making most of my workouts, the aftermath of this storm is the only place my head is at this week.

My friend's brother in New Orleans got out in time, but I have a friend in Mobile I can't reach. I know he's okay, but his home, his kids, his dogs, his elderly relatives? No telling.

Thanks for helping get the word out about relief efforts.

nancytoby said...

It's the least I can do. I'm watching CNN every day in horror at the scenes I'm seeing.

*jeanne* said...

It's like a disaster movie. Only it's real.

New Orleans.
must be EMPTIED of people because it's not safe. It's not liveable.

My mind reels at the thought of it.