Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Dead Losers Challenge

Somehow I managed to elect myself coordinator for a Weight Loss Challenge which starts tomorrow. Maybe because *I* need to get serious about reducing my body fat if I'm going to improve my performance times (and overall health)?

Participants are mostly members of the email list "Triathletes of the Dead Runners Society", or TRI-DRS, my all-time favorite email list. But anyone is welcome to join in if they fork over the $20 entry fee.

Jackpot of about $160 goes to the Biggest Loser (male) and $260!!! for women!

Starting date is TOMORROW and it runs for 12 weeks! How about taking on the Challenge and cutting out some flab between now and November?

Update: Whoa, this is getting crazy! So many people have entered the challenge that the women's jackpot is edging up towards $400!!!! Wooooo, we're starting to talk about a pretty nice chunk o' change here! :-)


Mica said...

Sounds great. Count me in!

partyrunner said...

congrats, hope it goes well! but remember there's always room for a treat.
oh and i love your actual v planned workout sidebar. hope you don't mind if i copy the idea. ;-)

tri-mama said...

This sounds like a great challenge- You have the edge with the knowledge, my bets are on you, go get em! Just think of the new gear you could buy!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good luck with the challenge. Go get em girlfriend!