Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Geezerjock performance standards

The Summer National Senior Games will be held in June and July of 2007 in Louisville, Kentucky. I turn 50 on June 23rd of that year, when the Games are underway, so I may not qualify until the following games (possibly depending on which state I qualify in).

That technicality aside, I've got a little less than two years to train to meet the qualifying standards for 50-year-old women. Let's take a look at the standards in place in 2005 for some selected events:

Track & Field/Running:
100m: 17.40
200m: 35.70
400m: 1:30.70
800m: 3:31.50
1500m: 7:00.00
5K road race: 25:08 (2005 winner: 21:07)
10K road race: 55:00 (2005 winner: 47:03)

50 yd freestyle: 38.20
100 yd freestyle: 1:30.10
200 yd freestyle: 2:46.10
500 yd freestyle: 8:53.40
50 yd breaststroke: 49.50
100 yd breaststroke: 1:54.60
200 yd breaststroke: 4:03.50

They also have cycling competitions (5k, 10k, 20k, and 40k) and a sprint triathlon (400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) that don't appear to have published performance standards. Here are the 50-54 year old female division winner's times:

5k cycle: 8:13.1
10k cycle: 18:20.8
20k cycle: 36:06.9
40k cycle: 1:13:10.8
Sprint tri: 1:06:51

I'm a long way from any of those times. I guess I have my work cut out for me, eh? It's nice to have benchmarks to shoot for, though!


tri-mama said...

go for it! that looks like fun.

TxSkatemom said...

Dang, Nancy, I'd have to cut 4 minutes off my 5K time to qualify! And I'm 15 years from that age. Yikes.

You have this awesome thing about setting and meeting goals, though, so I have no doubts you can do it!!

nancytoby said...

You can also qualify by placing in your state games, usually, but that will probably be equally hard in Texas!! Fortunately I can probably participate in both Virginia and Maryland since we have property in both places. :-)

TriFeist said...

They kick my but and I'm 32. Sad. Just one more reason to wake up tomorrow.