Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hooray for the new pool!

Finally got over to my new weekend pool for laps today. It's GREAT! Well, compared to the crappy 3-lane pool I swim in on weekdays, anything would be great, but this is really a nice change.

It was clean and sparkling clear! How refreshing! 82*F, a little cool upon entering but very comfortable for swimming after that. And nice and brightly lit - which seems so much more energizing than a dull, dark room.

And did I feel FAST! I was tearing up the pool! (Fastest lap: 1:12. For this inefficient swimmer, that's tearing it up.) Well, at least until I realized that it is a 25-yard pool instead of a 25-meter pool. So I was swimming 14 feet less on every lap than in my regular pool. Oh well. So I was going along and eventually got up to 60 laps, my longest swimming distance ever! It helped that some fast, lean swimmers were on both sides of me zipping along with impressive form and I felt like if they could keep going, so should I. That's much more inspiring to watch underwater than elderly men in baggy swim trunks doing aqua aerobics.

I saw a notice on the front desk about a triathlon team there, too! But there was no phone number, just a contact name, which means nothing to a newbie at their facility. I'll have to ask about it next time I'm there. And I'll have to also take a dip in their other "warm pool", too, just for practice, when there aren't a lot of kids playing in it.


Shelley said...

Do I see "swim team" in your future...sounds like it's a great place to be..and motivating too eh??

From Here to There said...

What an improvement Nancy (the pool itself and your progress)! That pool certainly looks more inviting.

FYI - The pool I swim at is beautiful and very clean, yet there's always something icky floating on the bottom (band aid, elastic)... I always think of your first pool and tell myself, if Nancy can swim in the 'tea' pool, I can do it here!

Geek Girl said...

LOL - This happened to me too when I changed gyms once; I thought I'd turned into Flipper over night until I found out the pool was 25 yards instead of meters! :-D

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Nice pool. Ours has only 2 lanes and the rest is play area for kids. Its laid out weird so there are forever kids cutting across the lanes to get to this one area. Life guards tell em not to, but they just don't listen.

Oh well better than nothing.

TriFeist said...

Very cool. At that pace you'll be well ahead of the cutoff at IMFL.

Chris said...

Woohoo! The new facility sounds leaps and bounds better than the old one!