Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sri Chinmoy 3-Day Ultra-Triathlon

Just a shout out of GOOD LUCK to my online swimming coach buddy from Australia, Yurtie, as he competes this coming weekend in the swim leg of a relay team at the Sri Chinmoy Ultra-Triathlon in Canberra. The 15 km swim course is 30 laps of a 500 m loop. The start, finish and aid station is on the beach at Yarralumla Bay.

The start is at 0630 on the morning of Friday, February 3rd. The cutoff is at 7 hours 30 minutes. I still have to figure out what that is local time, though.

Whatever time it is, that's an awfully long damn way to swim.

Ack! I just looked it up - he's already started! He's in the water! That's 2:30 PM, US east coast time!



Flatman said...

Holy S! That's damn near 10 miles!!! Go Yurtie indeed! That would take me months...

Flo said...

Holy crap!!! 30 laps of a 500m loop!!! Holy crap!!! 7 hours of swimming!!! Holy Crap!!!!