Thursday, February 16, 2006

Our jogstroller walk

They're so darned cute. I'm recording here a few of our little events of the day, because I know that I'll forget them if I don't.

For caterpillar (a creature they doesn't have much experience with, but have seen frequently in videos and in her books) Catherine mixes it up with the much more familiar word, computer, and her resulting malapropism is "ca'aputer".

Today we took a long jogstroller walk and we stopped to watch a large group of swans that lives in a nearby cove. (I'll post some photos after the weekend). First Catherine called them ducks (which she pronounces "cocks"), so I tried to explain that they were called swans. One of her common expressions is "dese" (these/this) or "dese ones". So when we were leaving she called out, "Bye-bye, dese ones". (Say it fast - it's like "bye-bye, the swans").

Even Elisabeth (who is speech-delayed) liked the swans so much she was calling out "Buh! Buh! Buh!" for birds, and signing "More! More! More!"

Then tonight at dinner Catherine was doing magic tricks. She would put hide her hand beside her high chair and say, "Bye-bye, hand!" and then pull it out to surprise me that it was still actually attached to her body and yell out "Hand!"


backofpack said...

They are so cute! Those preschool years are soooo much fun!

mipper said...


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I love how kids say things. Nikayla pronounces watch as vatch. Anything with a "w" is always pronounced with a "v" sound. And no there's no russian in the

Flo said...

They are so adorable at that age. Your right to record it in some way cause it passes by so fast.

Flatman said...

Never forget the cuteness! (for someday soon they will test you...)

Downhillnut said...

All very cute. The HAND trick though, that is genius!