Monday, February 20, 2006

Behind already?

Every so often I get a little panicky when I realize that we're only 12 weeks out from Columbia, my first Olympic distance triathlon of the season (and second ever), and 16 weeks from Eagleman, my first half Ironman of the year (and second ever). Not to mention that longer race in November.

But then I looked in my training log for my totals from last year. In 2006, I've already surpassed all the swimming distance that I did in 2005 leading up to Columbia on May 22, 2005. Plus right now I've got 55 more miles on the bike and trainer already this year than I did in 2005 before Columbia. I didn't even have my bike until March 4th last year. (Gosh, did I really do that race with less than 11 weeks total training on Buttercup? Um, yes.)

Looking back on those workout logs gives me a little more confidence. I've still got a long way to go, but I think this year will be better. :-)


TriFeist said...

Yeah! How AWESOME for you! You've made tons of progress and there are months of base building to go. Total training volume. Swim speed. Time in the saddle. IMFL watch out.

*jeanne* said...

Going back into the famous Centennial Lake, eh?



nancytoby said...

Yeah, Centennial is not scary at all compared to the Choptank. You're swimming about a mile or two from shore, there. Plus it connects with the Chesapeake and the ocean and everything. No borders. Now THAT is scary.