Sunday, February 05, 2006

Poor Buttercup!

I was all dressed and ready for my long ride today, when I discovered that my bike Buttercup was injured! A screw-mount that holds on the left crank had fallen off somewhere on the road, so the left pedal was completely loose. Without that, unfortunately, she's unrideable.

I had been procrastinating for the last 3 weeks on taking her in for a tune-up at the local triathlon bike shop, so that's going to take top priority this week! Until I get her back, probably all my bike miles will be on the trainer, sadly enough.

The nice thing about triathlon is that if for some reason you can't do one workout, there are two more disciplines calling your name. I went out on foot for some LSD mileage on the roads and got home after 9.7 slow ones.

My left hip has been complaining at me a little for the past two weeks - ever since I did too much speedwork running in only one direction on the track - probably a little bursitis. I think it's finally nearly cleared up, thankfully. NO INJURIES, PLEASE!


bunnygirl said...

Well, that sucks. Always better to find out before you hit the road though, right?

Kewl Nitrox said...

YIKES! You gotta get it fixed right away! Poor Bike!

That Yurtie is amazing. Incredible swim feat.

tri-mama said...

You've gotta love that swim yardage adding up-it's racing money in the bank-rambling thumb and all. I suppose you can just think of weekday swimming pool as good training for open water swimming- and motivation to get the bike fixed :)

Holly said...

Get thee Buttercup to a bike shop !!

Way to go on switching the workout!

Sending good vibes your way ... No Injuries!