Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slowly getting less slow

Another swim attempt this morning in the icky 3-lane pool. The water was still really cloudy and yucky. I just sent a complaint email to the management.

The pool was also overcrowded, and I got moved by the pool staffer out of using the lane with the ramp in it so an older lady could walk back and forth to circle-swim in the next lane. Ugh. I hate circle-swimming, because I'm always the slowest. And it interrupts my rhythm, such as it is, to stop every lap and try to spot the other swimmers to make sure I'm spaced out properly.

I was in a lane then with two faster guys and instead of doing the workout I had planned, tried to keep up with their pace. I couldn't, but I did do 1000m in 33:07 (with some stops for spotting the other swimmers, and open turns as usual), which is one of my faster 1000m pool swims. I'm not sure, I haven't kept good records on that. So maybe that will make Kewl Nitrox feel better, who is complaining about a 1000m over 4 minutes faster.


tarheeltri said...

In May they take the bubble off our pool and switch lanes from widthwise to lengthwise, cutting the number of lanes more than half. Swim teams will take up most of the lanes, leaving a whopping three for us non masters, non swim team swimmers... I'll be circle swimming with 5-6 people the rest of the summer. I hate it!

nancytoby said...

I'll have lots of pools open to choose from after Memorial Day, but I think right now I need to look around for a different pool for weekday mornings. This one is just too gross and crowded.

Flatman said...

At least you guys have a pool to call home! :O

nancytoby said...

Gack, I'm paying something like $85/month for the privilege of swimming in the yucky one. I need to look a little harder for some other options.

Danny said...

I can make you both feel good. 1000 yards in about an hour today.