Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hand position

While hand position is probably the least of my problems right now in my swimming technique, it's something that I think about when I'm doing those endless laps. When I'm NOT thinking about it, my hand position may well be closer to the first or second photo than the last.

Here are some drills on the topic of hand position that I may try later today or tomorrow morning.


Iron Benny said...

When I went to a swim coach for underwater film evaluation, I could see plain as day that I was pitching my hand up. It was a glaring error when I saw it on tape. He nailed me on it right away.

Cliff said...

As Benny said, I have a tendency to do that too. My fingers are double (triple) jointed. Sometimes when I push in the water, my fingers will shoot up. This create drag. I curl my fingers a bit, this forces it to go down.