Friday, February 17, 2006

Minivan mayhem

We took the girls out in the minivan to see if one of the local beauty shops would take Catherine for a haircut as a walk-in. No dice, too busy.

So we pull into the self-serve car wash while we were in the neighborhood, just to wash some of the winter salt off the minivan. We get a token and plunk it in and drive into the automatic carwash stall with Catherine and Elisabeth strapped in their carseats in the back seat.

The machine starts up, and the big hairy rollers start rolling over the minivan from the front, just like they always do.

Catherine and Elisabeth ABSOLUTELY FREAK OUT. They start wailing and screaming and crying at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. It's like they think the minivan has been accidentally driven into the Star Wars trash compactor and we're all going to die. They have turned into HOWLING little banshees.

Steve and I try to comfort them and they just grab our hands as hard as they can with their sharp little fingernails digging in and continue SCREAMING. And SCREAMING. There is no consoling these girls! But Mom and Dad don't understand, that MACHINE IS EATING THE FREAKING CAR!!!

Finally after hours and hours, it seems, the car wash finishes its business and we are able to pull out and show them that the minivan will not be killed by the Carwash Monsters. But I don't think they stopped whimpering until we were all the way home again.


cariciasdemediopelo said...

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nancytoby said...

Bienvenidos. Hablamos en ingles en esta blog. :-)

Christine said...

So funny! Poor kids are going to be tramatized forever. :)

Granny said...

Hi. Had they ever been through one before? The girls were scared the first time but more like being scared of a movie they were laughing through at the same time. Hands over eyes and shrieking scared. Then they wanted to do it again.

Sorry I haven't been around. Too many blogs - too little time. I need to move you to a more visible spot.

Wylee said...

How many times did you have to get up last night to sooth their nightmares? The poor little dears. The car wash was always scary for my kids too.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Ahhhh the minds of kids!

'Zilla said...

OMG! Nancy, the carwash completely freaked me out as a kid! Yikes! :)

Bridget said...

OMG, my guys had the exact same experience. I remember playing it up and telling them how much they were going to love it and it was awful. They sreamed the entire time too! Now they love it, and bed to go there. Funny how things change. Btw, we taught sign language to them too and although they don't use it anymore it was such a blessing when they were younger.

Flatman said...


From Here to There said...


Talk about memories! I was terrified of the car wash as a child (I remember once water coming in through a window open a crack in the station wagon). Until I was 8 years old my Mom/Dad had to pay the attendant to drive the car through! LOL

Poor kiddies.

U :)