Sunday, February 19, 2006

There's no bad weather

. . . only bad clothing, right?? And oh yeah, there are also totally unacclimatized people who have been sitting indoors in 72*F all winter and who cringe and whine when exposed to COLD!

That would be me. I had planned a nice long 9-10 mile run today. The wind chills in the single digits scared me enough that I turned it into a track run close to home instead. I did a fairly relaxed 5K tempo run in 35:10, and then finished off a few more laps for an even 4 miles.

I forgot to mention the other day I tried timing myself on the track for a racewalking lap, just to see how I did when I'm pushing it. 1/4 mile in 3:21 - not too bad for someone who never ever trained at racewalking! That's a 13:24 pace! That means if I push the walking pace during walk breaks on long runs, I don't lose as much time as I thought. The key is not letting the walking pace lag when I'm tired.

Core work later tonight while viewing pairs ice dancing on delayed broadcast from Turin. Watching the short program the other night, some of those wacko backless costumes and lurid makeup jobs really gave me nightmares. Call me old-fashioned, but I miss Torvill and Dean.

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Cliff said...

There is no bad weather...even when I have to suck frozen gel from my flask.. :)

When it is close to zero, I double layer everything. I have a neck/mouth scarf and have a scarf underneath that. Works great. No wind gets into my core.