Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slow day

Yesterday was a bit of a slower day training-wise than normal. I had planned to do some bike trainer time, but most of that time got taken up instead by the urgent errand of taking my bike Buttercup over to the bike hospital. They had to call out to California for the little fitting that holds on the left crank. I told them to order two so that I would have a spare - I don't want an event messed up when such a tiny piece can cause the whole bike to become non-functional! I want an extra gizmo safely in my toolkit!

They tried to sell me a new handlebar wrap, but I declined since the small cut on the left side is a nice reminder to me to clip out correctly when stopping. It's not on a part of the handlebars that I normally use, anyway. They did point out some cuts on the rear tire tread I hadn't noticed, so I'm having that tire replaced. After I get her back I'll have to buy that new chain and practice swapping out the new cassette and try it out a few times before Columbia.

It looks like I have a change of schedule for August! An old girlfriend is getting married the same weekend as Iron Girl, so I think I'll withdraw from Iron Girl and go to the wedding. Now I need to decide if I want one more fall warmup and full dress rehearsal event, or just train through instead. Lots of possibilities - I'm looking at Diamondman on September 10, Odyssey Half Iron at Lake Anna, Virginia on September 16, or Colonial Half Iron on September 24 or Colonial International Distance on September 23. Or the least travel and expense of all would be the Half Chesapeakeman on September 30, if they offer it.

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Kranky C Dale said...

I thought i was the only person that names my bikes.... "Mr. T.", "E-nox" and "Silvar" are my rides....