Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lengthening rides

With the temperatures creeping slowly up, and the daylight lengthening, my cycling distances have been slowly ratcheting upwards this year. Today I got in 35 miles. Whee! In February! I'll have to look back at my records, but I think my longest rides before Eagleman in June of last year weren't more than about 40 miles. I should be able to complete several 56+ mile rides this year by the time it rolls around again.

My back cooperated nicely and I was reasonably comfortable most of the way. The only major problem I experienced were major headwinds (~12-15 mph with gusts to 34) so when I was heading south, into the wind, I was seeing some low numbers for speed that I really didn't like. Like 14, 13, 12 . . . even 11 mph. I get discouraged when I look at those kind of numbers for too long.

Perhaps just need to ignore the odometer or do some rides with it taped over so that I only have the cadence meter to look at. On the return trip, with the wind at my back, everything was happiness and roses since I was getting up towards 20 mph fairly easily.

Train in adversity, race in adversity.

I thought of that yesterday as I watched Julia Mancuso (from Squaw Valley, where it snows a LOT) take the Olympic gold in the giant slalom in a snowstorm.


Iron Benny said...

I wouldn't worry too much about your speed right now. Like you said, cadence is more important. Besides, wind happens, not much we can do about it.

Kewl Nitrox said...

I'm like you. Heading into very strong winds now - bike twitches and a bee was actually blown into my cheek, and it is depressing to look at the speedometer... So I have stopped looking at it and just focus on cadence. Been enjoying the rides more now. :)

Luv the dog tags!

William said...

I configure my computer to show cadence in the big numbers and time for eating drinking only. Then I just watch my heart rate and cadence. I use a cat eye astrale 8.

Yeah, I always get discourages looking at the speed, I always want to be faster no matter what.

Geek Girl said...

I'm with iron benny - getting saddle time in is the priority. But oooh, how I hate those winds!

TriFeist said...

Headwinds make any ride miserable, especially when they are gusty. You're training is coming along so well. Longer rides. Faster swims. WOHOO!!!