Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My 2006 competition tri-suit

I still have to test them out for comfort level during long sessions, but I think this is what I'll be wearing at Columbia and Eagleman this year. They just arrived today and feel great!

A Zoot mesh tri jersey - $47.50 on sale. The cut is a little looser around the armholes than I like (but maybe that's better while riding the bike). It's very comfortable and seems like it will be cool while still providing shoulder and back coverage from the sun, plus it seems long enough it won't gap above my shorts. Best of all, it has a generous mesh pocket on the back. The color is a little strange - deep hot pink, nearly red. But it will do the job plus look fine on Buttercup, and that's what counts. The fabric is an unusal nylon/lycra stretchy mesh that should be durable and allow tons of air movement without being see-through.

I love these shorts!! DeSoto 4-pocket Power Tri Shorts (in black), $38 on sale (a great price for bike shorts). The pad seems a little thin for long-distance cycling, but the fit is great and there are TWO pockets on each side for my essential stuff. Maybe this will mean I finally will be able to do a triathlon without wearing my waistpack during the run!

I also purchased a few other new essentials at for the swim clinic this weekend - a pull buoy of my own, a new larger-sized comfortable silicone swim cap that all my hair will fit underneath and doesn't pull it out by the roots, and some Ultraswim shampoo to keep my hair from further turning into brown straw.


Christine said...

Ooh cute!

Bridget said...

Love the new clothes!! Good colors.

Flo said...

Love the new clothes. Really love those shorts. I think I'll have to check them out.

Does that shampoo really work? My hair has really gotten bad with swimming 3x week. Maybe I'll check that out too.

Looks like I'll be doing some shopping this weekend, yeah!!

nancytoby said...

I have no idea if the shampoo works better than regular. I'll try to remember to post a report!

The shorts are perfect, and are a good deal price-wise.

Oldman said...

you might like the DeSoto shorts on a long ride becauseof the small pad. it doesn't bunch like the larger pad.

Wylee said...

Nancy, I gotta hand it to you, nobody knows how to internet shop better than you! :) Once again, you are my hero!

Dianne W. said...

I've been using the Body Shop moisturizing shampoo. It's helping somewhat with the straw hair.