Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My nemesis

This hill near my house has been my nemesis. I've been trying to conquer this hill for years, without success.

It's only about 2/10 of a mile long, but it's got an 18% grade. That's about 185 vertical feet.

Every time I've attempted it (and I've done repeats up this hill many times) I've been forced to walk. My heart rate would just go through the roof and I'd have to resort to simply trudging along to get to the top.

Finally, today, at the end of my 5K run, I ran all the way to the top, without walking! Hooray! It took me 3:05, which is actually 4 seconds slower than I've done it run:walking, but that is now the running time to beat.

Victory is mine!!!


Kim said...

We had a hill at our old house that rocked my world. The first time I made it without was wonderful.
Bask in the glory all day. :)

Flatman said...

WOOHOO! You rock! (I hate running hills)

Fe-lady said...

Oh yeah...those hills. Hills are your friends! (Say this over and over as you pump away!)
Funny how those hills never look as steep as they are or FEEL they are in photos. I have taken pix of hills we have "conquered" on our mountain bikes, and when I get the pix back I feel like a wimp 'cause the hill looks like a bump on the landscape!
It can only get easier! (But it will never be EASY!)

TriFeist said...

Way to go!!! 18% for .2 miles sounds grueling but you did it. That drawbridge at IMFL has no chance against you now.

mipper said...

CONGRATS!!! great job Nancy!

Dianne W. said...

18%!!! WOW! You are my hero today!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Yeah, you conquor it! Good job.

Chris said...

That's awesome, Nancy! Way to kick that hills butt (if hills have butts?!)! :)

Downhillnut said...

Woohoo! GREAT job on conquering that hill. Running ALL the way up a big one like that often feels more tangible than nailing an 800 repeat time. You breathe it, see it and feel it. Enjoy the view from this peak of confidence!