Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Big Snow

Some time between when I went to sleep last night after the end of the prime time Olympics coverage and when I woke up this morning, our area was transformed by 8 to 12 inches of white stuff! Catherine called the snow while it was still falling "snow bubbles".

It's a good thing that I got that run done yesterday!


Downhillnut said...

So THAT's where our snow went. The delivery system must've got the bar codes wrong again...

Enjoy. Make some snow angels for me!

Flo said...

Wow, sure is beautiful. But it's 62 F here this morning and that's cold enough ;)

Fe-lady said...

Pretty! (from inside a warm house with a cup of tea!)
Actually I was quite the "snow baby" back in Ohio when growing up!
(Now my blood is so thin that I doubt I would last 15 min out there!) Have fun!