Monday, January 16, 2006

That didn't take long

A 2006 Mickey (marathon) and Donald (half marathon) set for sale on eBay. Bidding is up to $81.99 today.

I hate that.

Also a couple of 2006 Mickies for sale by one person. Perhaps a medal thief working the finishing corrals?

But I didn't see any Goofies for sale. Yet.


mipper said...

what a shame. i'd be so annoyed if i had done that challenge and then saw someone selling off the bling.

Wylee said...

I don't know if this is the case, but just a "what if"... What if the person sold their medals to pay for an entry fee for another race?

mipper said...

my guess is that, at least the one that is selling the donald and mickey has the goofy as well and figures that is the only one worth keeping since it proves they ran both. still.. give your medals to a kid or something, instead of selling them off to people who didn't earn them. the other two, i agree with Nancy, were probably swiped. which is even worse.

Lynne said...

As we stood in line to buy my mom some gloves at the concession between the half and the 5K, a guy walked up and asked the concession dude, "How much for the medallions?"

We were flabbergasted!

Madame La Blog said...

I checked it..the auction ended around $110. In one of the responses , the seller states that they ran both races, kept the grand prix medal and is selling these two to offest the race fees (then why does he/she have another set of them on the block? OK, never mind).

Having volunteered for several races myself, I think it might be pretty easy to get ones' hands on some extra medals. My question is...who would BUY it??? and for that kind of $$???? I'm astonished!